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May 19, 2015, at 2:21 PM
Thank you Faye Bagby!  I appreciate your integrity and goal to put your investors first!

"You've restored my dreams of a financially secure retirement.  Faye answered all of my questions as well as my brother's.  We were completely satisfied with our experience"....TD

The life settlement business has been a godsend to my wife and me. I listened to Faye Bagby on the radio for a while before meeting with her. I found her to be honest and straight forward in all of her business dealing with me. We have been blessed with excellent returns on our investments with Faye. Because of her business sense, my wife and I will be able to retire and not run out of money. Thank you, Faye, for giving us this opportunity.

Our investing history with Faye over the past three years has been overwhelmingly positive. The returns on our investments have been consistently above average with returns upwards of 18%. Faye’s financial advice has benefited us greatly and we look forward to working with Faye in the future to achieve our financial goals.

I want to thank you for helping me in my investing in life settlements. My first one paid in just 3 ˝ months. This will be a great way to help me save for retirement. I highly recommend you and have told several friends and family about how great you are and how easy it is. Thanks again!

My husband and I are one of the examples that Faye uses each week as to what not to do!  We retired too early and found ourselves short of funds for our retirement years. We were, however, smart enough to come to Faye to fix our shortcomings. Now we are on our way to being financially ready for retirement. It is so nice to have that feeling of security as far as your finances are concerned. Faye has always been honest, fair and looks out for our best interest! Thank you Faye.

We were introduced to Faye by a gentleman who has done business with her for years.  He highly recommended Faye.  Faye is extremely knowledgeable with her business.  She is committed to excellence and excels in displaying integrity.  She is caring and very realistic with financial goal setting.  She has exceeded our expectations and is delightful to work with.


In these times of market volatility and uncertainty, I want to personally thank you for introducing me to your life settlement products.  You have provided me a means to lock in exceptional investment returns with no stock market exposure and very little risk.  My first paid off policy settled with a 52% net return after only 8 months!  Then we were able to put that money back to work by rolling it into a new policy.  What a great way to diversify a portfolio, supercharge its returns and allow me to sleep well at night!
Thanks - TG

Dear Faye,

I recently had my second investment through you in life settlements pay off and I would like to thank you for helping me with these investments.  On the first policy, I had a return of just over 98% for 7 months and on the last one it was over 66% (or return of about 21% a year for two and a half years).  This represents a far better return than other investments (some lost money) that I have had.

Thanks again for your assistance.        NB

Dear Faye,

Thank you again for getting me involved in the short-term life settlements.  The quick payoff of only 3 months was such a surprise and I am glad you had another offering for me to get into right away.  Thanks again!    JE

Dear Faye,

Several months ago, I started reviewing my portfolio with New York Life, Bank IRA’s, and other small investment accounts.  I was not really satisfied with my returns and the lack of interest that these so-called investment firms showed to me.  On returning home one week-end, I just happened to be listening to the radio when I heard Faye Bagby talking.  I was interested with her comments and after making contact and meeting with Faye, I began turning over my accounts to her.  It was so much easier than what I had expected.  I had always thought that it was going to be very difficult and I found out that the most difficult task was getting through the red tape with these large firms to get my money.

Well, we have now accomplished all of this.  I can honestly say that within a few months, MY MONEY, with the life settlement investment had returned nearly everything that it took these larger firms 10 plus years to lose. I do take part of the blame because I allowed the decisions to be made by these brokers.  I have been pleased at the returns and also with the relationship with Faye.  She works with me and we work together to provide the best retirement fund for me.  I am not a wealthy person but I am a hard working independent businessman and I have to make my own retirement.  It makes no difference what your income bracket is to Faye.  She treats all her clients the same. I appreciate that.  Thanks Faye for looking out for the middle class investor.  I have confidence that I will have what is needed for me to retire in the next few years.  MT and CT


This is to recommend Ms. Faye Bagby as a financial planner.  When I retired from my full time job I met with her to discuss what to do with a variety of tax-deferred retirement plans which I had.  Within a short time she put together a viable recommendation for me.  I followed her advice almost three years ago and have been very pleased with the outcome.

Ms. Bagby was very comprehensive in her analysis of my financial situation at that time and presented what has proven to be a profitable solution for me.  She is very knowledgeable of the financial products available for retirement planning.

I am very satisfied with the results of her recommendations and will continue to seek her advice in future investments.  JG

DISCLAIMER: American Financial and Retirement Services, Inc. (“AFRS”) is not a life settlement provider or life settlement broker. AFRS only advises its clients about purchasing or investing in life insurance policies in the tertiary life settlements market and does not work directly with owners of life insurance policies seeking to enter into viatical or life settlement contracts with life settlement providers. The information contained on this website is intended solely for AFRS’s clients who may be interested in tertiary life settlements and is not intended for and may not be relied upon by persons interested in selling their life insurance policies in viatical or life settlement contracts. No information on this website should be construed as being for the purpose of creating an interest in or inducing a person to purchase or sell, assign, devise, bequest or transfer the death benefit or ownership of a life insurance policy or an interest in a life insurance policy pursuant to a life settlement contract. Any individuals interested in selling their life insurance policies in viatical or life settlement contracts should contact any one or more of the life settlement brokers or life settlement providers properly licensed in their state of residence. Void outside the United States and otherwise where prohibited by law.

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